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Hi, my name is Vighnesh Raut. I build things, mostly for fun.

I am a Software Engineer specializing in building exceptional digital experiences and beloved developer tools. Currently, I am focused on building accessible, developer-centered products for different causes.

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01. About me

Hello. My name is Vighnesh and I enjoy creating projects involving graphics manipulations, cli-tools, libraries and also developer tools. My interest in software development started a few years back when I first learnt about Javascript. Since then, I have been building teeny-tiny projects for fun. I am also fascinated by compilers and I am on a journey to master the art of building a compiler

Fast-forward to today, and I have had the privilege to work for Google , Amazon , an AI startup and a loyalty rewards company

My Main focus these days is building next-gen developer tools for GoogleTV at Google

Here are a few technologies I have been working with recently:

02. Where I have worked

  • @Google

    • Software Engineer 2

      July 2022 - Present · 1 yr 11 mos

    • Building next-gen developer tools for GoogleTV
    • Google App Verification System for validating integration flows like Playnext and Deeplink validation between GoogleTV and developer's apps
  • @Amazon

    Full time · 1 yr 11 mos

    • Front End Engineer 1

      June 2022 - July 2022 · 2 mos

    • Web Development Engineer 1

      September 2020 - May 2022 · 1 yr 9 mos

    • Working on the revamp of App Submission flow on Appstore Developer Console where developers can submit their mobile or web applications to be available on Amazon Appstore
    • Worked on an internal tool which is a one stop solution for everything related to the Day 1 culture of Amazon. The tool is accessible to all the Amazon employees
    • Working on an internal React Components Library which will be used by entire Appstore to build standard and accessible UI for all the web pages on Appstore Developer Console
    • Worked on an internal tool which was used by Appstore certifiers, to certify/flag all the apps that were submitted on Appstore Developer Console based on internal policies
    • Writing modern, performant, maintainable code for a diverse array of other Amazon external and internal projects
    • Working with a variety of different languages, platforms, frameworks, and content management systems such as Javascript , Typescript , ReactJS , NextJS , AWS, internal-AWS, Java, Spring, JSP
    • Communicating with multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, designers, program managers, and stakeholders on a daily basis
  • @Smarter Codes

    • Full Stack Engineer

      July 2020 - September 2020 · 3 mos

    • Implemented many of the Rocket Chat features for the Mattermost chat platform
    • Lot of other utility plugins for the Mattermost chat platform
    • Worked on amazing tech stack: ReactJS, Golang and AWS
  • @Tavisca

    • Software Engineer

      July 2019 - January 2020 · 7 mos

    • Under went Software Engineering training for 6 months and learnt a lot about Software engineering design principles, clean code best practices, etc.
    • Built a Road-trip Itinerary Planner (proof-of-concept) project where I applied all the things I learnt during my training phase
    • Worked on fixing a bunch of bugs/issues on the production application

03. Projects

    Coding language (SPL)

    A Simple Programming Language (SPL) who's syntax is close to English Grammar

    • Compiler
    • Interpreter
    • Typescript

    Drawing app

    A simple drawing application hosted on the web. Features include, free-hand drawing, closed-region filling, color-picking for brush & fill, brush thickness picking, undo, redo and clear-screen.

    • Canvas API
    • Typescript
    • Astro

    Graphics Illustrations

    Manipulating the graphics pixels using the HTML Canvas API in Typescript

    • Canvas API
    • Astro
    • Typescript

    React.js playground

    Play with React.js code and import any npm module securely in your browser

    • ESBuild
    • Astro
    • React.js
    • Golang

    React useGlobalState library

    A React.js hook to hold a piece of global state. It is similar to the useState hook but with the only addition that this hook persists the state globally.

    • React.js
    • Typescript
    • NPM

    HTML5 Canvas Games

    Simple arcade style games built using the HTML Canvas API in Typescript

    • Canvas API
    • Astro
    • Typescript

04. What's next?

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My inbox is always open, whether you have a question or just to say hi. I will try my best to get back to you.

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